30 Photo Challenge

The goal of this 30-day photo challenge is to improve techniques I already know and learn new styles I have yet to try. I hope you follow along with my journey.

Kicking off my 30 photo challenge

This year marks 20 years of snapping photos for me.

But in those years, I have never challenged myself to try shooting various photography styles and techniques in a short period.

Initially, I thought this was a challenge where I took a photo every day for 30 days.

But with recent lockdowns and personal injuries, I have decided that I will be chasing 30 photos when I can for this time around and use this experience to build on future challenges that may end up shooting a photo a day.

The goal of this photo journey is to improve techniques I already know and learn new styles I have yet to try.

The reason being is that over the past couple of years, I stopped shooting. I think one of the reasons was that I was struggling to find things to shoot. I knew I had to start thinking outside of the box and experiment to reignite my passion for photography. This is how the 30 photo challenge idea started.

I have randomly selected 30 photos to shoot. I do intend to finish this as quickly as possible, with lockdowns, weather and my back injury all considered. The order may change if need be, but I will try my best to stick to the program.


30 Photo Challenge shot list

• Self-portrait (Rembrandt Lighting)
• Bokeh
• Black and White – Canon-80D Picture Style Settings
• Texture
• Long-Exposure
• Double Exposure
• Sunset
• Silhouette
• Rules of Thirds
• Lens Flare
• Landscape
• Portrait
• Dynamic Tension
• Light Painting
• Colourful Water Drops
• Balanced
• Unbalanced
• Frame within a Frame
• Panorama
• Depth
• Water Splash
• Slow Sync Flash
• Panning
• Harris Shutter
• Shallow DoF
• Light Graffiti
• Street Photography
• Architecture
• Night
• Favourite Moment


That’s the list of my 30 photo challenge.


Hopefully, at the end of this photographic journey, I have re-bounded with the camera to speak and found the passion I have somehow misplaced.

I also hope to inspire and even educate along the way with how-to videos and blogs on how I got the shots.

If you have read up until here, thanks for reading, and I hope you follow along with my journey – enjoy!



Image: Taken on an iPhone, edited in Adobe Lightroom using the Mastin Labs Ilford Pan F 35mm preset.


Last but not least… I’m rebooting my Youtube channel.

Here’s the first video:



I’m sure I’ll look back at this in a few months time and pick it apart for everything that is wrong with it.

But, you have to start somewhere…

The first short of my explore photography series will be the Rembrandt lighting self-portrait.


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