Bokeh Photography (DIY Bokeh Shapes)

Shot 2 of the 30 Photo Challenge was a bokeh shot. I chose to try making DIY bokeh shapes for the shoot to share a fun and easy trick anyone can try at home.

Shot 1 of the 30 Photo Challenge was a bokeh shot.

I chose to try a DIY custom bokeh shape for this shoot.

See the video of today’s shoot below with how I got the shot:



When I first created the list for the 30 photo challenge, I was super excited about the bokeh shot.

As photographers, we love bokeh.

The name itself brings excitement, character and depth to any photo.

I had so many ideas for this one.

When brainstorming the shoot, it was raining at home, and I had thought of a shoot in town (Surfers Paradise) where I would get a shot of the city lights through the car window with the raindrops running down the glass.

Then it stopped raining.

At the same time, lockdowns were all over the news.

I thought, how about creating something that I can share with everyone that they could replicate at home with a few simple things.

And bam, here we are.

A simple DIY bokeh shapes shoot that anyone can try.

Below is the spec and behind the scenes shots of the shoot:

Shoot details:
Camera: Canon 80D
Lens: 50mm 1.8
Exposure: 1/400 f 1.8 ISO 400 K4450


How to shoot your bokeh shapes

Things needed for your bokeh shapes shoot:



The set-up:



The bokeh shapes shoot:



Click here to watch my video of the shoot.


Next shot: Black and White Photography – Wow. Soooo many ways to take this one. I think it will be a mix of street photography meets abstract.



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