Brook x Aria Bass Guitar’s Shoot

Photoshoot of bass guitar player Brook from Malakye Grind for his Aria Bass Guitars' profile.
Brook Aria

The story behind the photoshoot of Brook x Aria Bass

Recently I was fortunate to shoot bass player Brook Rees from Malakye Grind. The shoot was for his Aria Bass Guitar’s profile – for whom Brook is an ambassador.

The images were shot in a dining room in the middle of the day. Making this a challenging shoot.

The first step was to eliminate all the natural light and get total control of the light by using flash.

The settings:

Using a Speedlight flash set at 1/16 at 24mm and bouncing off a 70cm umbrella, I shot the exposure at 1/80 at f2.8.

The result:

The result brought dramatic shadows coupled with a shallow depth of field that delivers a sense that it was shot somewhere during a live show.

In post-production, we added the cinematic effects in Lightroom to give it a strong contrast with warm, vibrant colours.

Really happy with how this one turned out!

It shows you that the more control and opportunities you have to shoot the subject when you have control over the light.

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