Black & White Photography (Canon 80d Picture Style Settings)

Shot 3 of the 30 Photo Challenge was black & white photography. I chose to use the Canon 80D picture style settings for the shoot, using the monochrome style.

Shot 3 of my 30 Photo Challenge was black & white photography.

I chose to use the Canon 80D picture style settings for the shoot, using the inbuilt monochrome style with a red filter.

I hadn’t used a camera’s inbuilt picture style for many years, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to dial in the settings and only shoot in that style throughout the weekend.

The only variant to the shoot was using a polariser filter – which I took off for indoor shots.

My goal for the shoot was to chase light and texture in my travels over the 3 days.

See the video of today’s shoot below with how I got the shot with the settings I used.



When I first started thinking about shooting for my black and white photography shot, I couldn’t decide what to go for. There are so many options.

My favourite black and white photography style is shooting in film. I especially like Kokak Tri-X 400.

But shooting film wasn’t an option.

Another black and white favourite is using the Mastin Labs Ilford preset stack in Lightroom. But I wanted to try something different.

That’s when the idea of going back to trying the Canon 80D monochrome picture style seemed like a fun and challenging concept.

In the end, I am stoked with the shots.

Not only just the shots, but the exercise really helped me see photo opportunities that I had forgotten about.

The whole aim of doing the 30 Photo Challenge is to reconnect with my camera and find the enchantment I have lost with my photography.

This shoot has really inspired me to find more shots like this again. I feel like my photography eye is opening up again – so to speak.

Over the weekend, I shot 495 photos.

There were many to choose from, but these are the 20 I decided I liked the most and wanted to share.


Shots were taken using the Canon 80d picture style settings: (Watch video to see why I chose these shots)


Black & White Photography

80D monochrome

canon 80d picture style settings

80d monochrome picture style

Canon Monochrome

canon 80d monochrome setting

canon 80d monochrome settings

canon 80d

bw photo

monochrome photography

black and white water

bw photography

black and white splash

black and white beach

picture style

gold coast black and white

black and white sand

runaway bay black and white

monochrome water


Next shoot: Texture – I will be chasing a double exposure for this one. Super pumped to give it a crack.



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