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There are various kinds of creativity, from new ideas to blending different existing ideas and creating something new and unique. All have one thing in common, though – through research, discovery, experimentation and learning a new skill or improving on an existing one; you can find a way to express yourself. The goal of this creative blog is to share what I discover with the intent of helping others find inspiration and maybe learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

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I have wanted to get into mixed media art for about 16 years, but it just didn’t happen. So at the end of 2021, finally, I have made a start.
Sometimes some of my best creations are made by accident. The NFI logo for Handy Surf Craft is one of them.
Time-lapse and back story of fibreglassing Handy Surf Craft bodysurfing handplanes.
The story behind an old self-portrait I recently dug up while looking for old music files I created more than 15 years ago.
I have finally gotten around to starting my online gallery. The gallery will be a constant work in progress, with new images added regularly.
Photoshoot of bass guitar player Brook from Malakye Grind for his Aria Bass Guitars’ profile.
Texture in photography is such a broad subject. But what exactly is it?
Shot 3 of the 30 Photo Challenge was black & white photography. I chose to use the Canon 80D picture style settings for the shoot, using the monochrome style.
Shot 2 of the 30 Photo Challenge was a bokeh shot. I chose to try making DIY bokeh shapes for the shoot to share a fun and easy trick anyone can try at home.
Finally, the first batch of Handy Surf Craft is done. It’s been a journey to get here, but it feels great to reach the first set of bodysurfing handplanes completed.
Shot 1 of the 30 Photo Challenge was a self-portrait shot. I chose to try the photo in a Rembrandt lighting style shoot.
Recently, I was stoked to launch The Wave of a Lifetime. The project included branding and website build for Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison.
The goal of this 30-day photo challenge is to improve techniques I already know and learn new styles I have yet to try. I hope you follow along with my journey.
Never stop learning – I thought this would be a great way to start my rebooted blog because that’s what it will be about, creative evolution through exploring, experimenting, learning and sharing.