Fibreglassing Time Lapse – Handy Surf Craft

Time-lapse and back story of fibreglassing Handy Surf Craft bodysurfing handplanes.
Fibreglassing Time Lapse
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The story behind the fibreglassing time lapse

Fibreglassing Time LapseFor ages, I have been meaning to shoot a time-lapse of fibreglassing the Handy Surf Craft bodysurfing handplanes.

I wanted to shoot it so I could play it back to find any way I could improve my processes in the workshop.

I started shaping and fibreglassing bodysurfing handplanes out of EPS foam about a year ago at the end of 2020. When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I made so many mistakes.

But with each mistake I made, I created a process on how to do it better, using as few materials as possible and in the best time doable.

In this video, I add a layer of fibreglass to the Handy Surf Craft, Hippy Trippy models, and a base coat to the freshly shaped foam.

*I don’t know what the ‘base coat’ actually is called; if you do, please let me know in the comments below.

This glassing run went OK – usually, there is always something going wrong. If you watch closely, I had the paintbrush still in the jar with Acetone. I forgot to prepare it – the only minor thing I missed, YEW! (Again, there are usually more extensive and more things missed. Must mean I’m learning)

If anything, I did miss; I should have been wearing my moon boot as I have a broken foot at the moment. The speed of the time-lapse hides my hobble, haha.

I will drop more fibreglassing time lapse videos like this from time to time with other parts of shaping and glassing the Handy Surf Craft foam series bodysurfing handplanes.


Video song: The 6 Step – Off the unreleased album, BJ Bliss (Nah, just joking no album, just a collection of Garage Band mixes.)

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