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Graphic Design Portfolio

At the core of all of my creative avenues is graphic design.

Be it branding to designing posters; I love to design.

Graphic design has so many styles. Different projects require a different style or take on the subject to make it truly pop.

Over the last two decades, I have been fortunate to work on various projects to learn different graphic design styles.

My graphic design portfolio features work from over the years, from logos to flyers. Some are the latest, while others are older. Showing your older work can be risky, as design trends change and looking back at one’s older work can make you cringe, but I wanted a place to house all of my work over the years.

Sometimes some of my best creations are made by accident. The NFI logo for Handy Surf Craft is one of them.
Recently, I was stoked to launch The Wave of a Lifetime. The project included branding and website build for Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison.