Graphic Design Portfolio


At the core of all of my creative avenues is graphic design.

Be it branding to designing posters; I love to design.

Graphic design has so many styles. Different projects require a different style or take on the subject to make it truly pop.

Over the last two decades, I have been fortunate to work on various projects to learn different graphic design styles.

My graphic design portfolio features work from over the years, from logos to flyers. Some are the latest, while others are older. Showing your older work can be risky, as design trends change and looking back at one’s older work can make you cringe, but I wanted a place to house all of my work over the years.

Graphic & Digital Design

A list of projects with a quick overview of who the project was for, the brief and specs as well as what was achieved.

Abstract 3D EDM Banners

3D abstract EDM banner designs for the Bedroom nightclub in Surfers Paradise. Following the design trends of 2023, a series of abstract banners were designed to create a graphic point of difference in a very saturated market.

ASAP Icon Logo

As part of the complete branding and design package for the launch of ASAP Batteries and Breakdowns, the running mechanic sub-mark logo was created to be a standalone identity and also to be paired with the wordmark logo to create the logo lockup.

4th Birthday - White Rhino

Poster design concept for White Rhino Bar & Eats in Surfers Paradise. The design was something fun and inviting to the 4th birthday for the venue.

Handy Wordmark Logo

As part of the range of logos created for Handy Surf Craft, the Handy Wordmark Logo is the main visual for the brand. Featuring a swallow tail box to represent a blank shape for their Hippy Trippy series.

Diamond Mermaid Stack Logo Lockup

Logo lockup for Diamond Mermaid Brewing Company. After researching the market and considering the branding required for the label of each drink bottle in retail, the gold and silver on the black coffee-coloured background were used to make the bottles pop.

The Wave of a Lifetime Wordmark Logo

As part of the rebranding for The Wave of a Life, the wordmark logo was created using a simple and clean font with some customisation to deliver a unique and memorable logo. Based on the wordmark logo, a suite of logos was created to build out the new brand guide for Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison and his company.

Space Yoga Icon Logo

The icon logo for Space Yoga Byron Bay. This logo is part of a suite of logos designed for the rebranding and website rebuild for the business.

Baxta Wordmark Logo

As part of the branding revision for Baxta Industries, the wordmark logo was tweaked and simplified. From this, all product label designs were recreated as well as a new website was built for a fresh new look.

JC Bathrooms Icon Logo

As part of the complete branding and design package for the launch of JC Bathroom Renovations, an icon logo was created for social media to be a standalone identity. It can also be paired with the wordmark logo to create the logo lockup.

Usher Group Wordmark Logo

As part of the rebranding of Usher & Sons to Usher Group, the wordmark logo was created to allow for an extension of its various services and, in turn, logos. A complete brand guide with a suite of logos was created, from which the website was also redesigned to align with the new brand.
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Case Studies

Graphic and digital design projects where I dive into the client’s goals, needs and aspirations and how I went about building out the branding and design elements to meet those requirements and the results that followed.

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