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Handy Surf Craft Website

The Handy Surf Craft website is now live. Version 1.0 is just a bare-bones website to kick off the online presence for the lineup of bodysurfing handplanes.

Handy Surf Craft started off as something to do during my Summer holidays. I had repaired a surfboard and I had a spare 3 litres of resin left over. While looking for inspiration for another personal web design project that I had planned on working on during my short Summer break, an image of a fibreglass bodysurfing handplane came up on my Pinterest feed.

The lightbulb instantly switched on, and I threw myself down the rabbit hole. A few months later, the first batch of hand planes was finished.

Being creative and a lover of building brands, I couldn’t help to create a brand for them as well – hence the inception of Handy Surf Craft.

Random posts on social media showed me that there was an interest in them from all over the world and from there grew a lineup of various shapes and series.

To house all these new products, I knew I had to create a website to promote them.

The branding for Handy Surf Craft is super simple. Black and white – that’s it. With the idea that letting the imagery, videos and campaigns do all the storytelling.

So the Handy Surf Craft website is ultra-minimalist and simple.

This is just the beginning though. With online ordering and eCommerce functionality to follow.

For now, the blog will be my main focus to drive a content-rich marketing strategy to build awareness not only for the hand planes but for bodysurfing as well.

Stay tuned.


Handy Surf Craft Website Build Notes

Client: Handy Surf Craft
Launch: March 2022
Platform: WordPress
Live URL: handysurfcraft.com

Specs: WooCoomerce enabled eCommerce with custom post types driven by JetEngine.











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