Music Journal


Welcome to my music journal

I was gifted my first guitar for my 4th birthday. It didn’t last very long as it was buried in the sand pit with my Tonka trucks by my friends. Since those roots, playing and making music has been a constant part of my life, though dedicating myself to the craft comes in waves as I find it hard to be consistent when I have so many creative avenues. When writing this blurb, I have found a new sense of desire to start from scratch and truly understand the fundamentals of music and start to write songs that I love. This blog category will be about that new path and sharing what I find along the way.

The story behind an old self-portrait I recently dug up while looking for old music files I created more than 15 years ago.

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Welcome to my new website

If you came here from We Build Ideas, you are seeing this message to let you know that I have now moved my website to my personal portfolio domain: damienkloot.com

I still offer the same services as I did with We Build Ideas. Hit me up if you would like a new web design or if you need website support.