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NFI Logo for Handy Surf Craft

Sometimes some of my best creations are made by accident. The NFI logo for Handy Surf Craft is one of them.

The story behind the NFI logo

To be hone, most of my best graphic design creations were accidents.

The logos take 5 minutes to create from a random thought that I tend to end up liking the most.

On the flip side, logos or designs that take hours of trying different things end up being my least favourite. When the flow is not there, the designs aren’t either.

NFI is a new series I created for Handy Surf Craft.

The series will be boards that are spur of the moment experiments, the accidents, the creative tangents.

The boards don’t fall into one of the other Handy Surf Craft series like The Yew or Hippy Trippy.

The boards can be hybrids of other series, but they are unique, sometimes one-off prototypes or designs.

I am super pumped for this series – one thing I have begun to enjoy most about shaping and glassing is experimenting with new ideas. NFI is a perfect name for a series created with no creative boundaries.

The NFI logo itself took about 2 mins to create. I like it. It’s a keeper.


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