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Old Habits New Habits

It's been a long time since I went on a photo mission. Old habits mixed with new habits led to searching for surfing banks by bike, and on the way shooting some snaps.

First photo of 2022.
First photo mission of 2022.
First photo mission in a looong time…

Habit stack goals after getting moon boot off were:

Old habit – taking photos
New habit – Riding bike for exercise
Old habit – checking surf

New habit stack = Checking surf with pushy (brain fart)

It’s groundbreaking stuff haha.

But, checking the banks along the spit by bike was something new to me, and it was pretty rad… can’t wait to suss it out and bring in my other habits of surfing and bodysurfing into the mix as well.



New habits photoshoot

Photos I took along the way…


New Habits

First photo of 2022 (On a camera, not on a phone)


Shots of the journey to the end of the Spit…


Pushy Surf Check-2





It was pretty straight, but there were some corners…



Sometimes I missed living and working on the sea.



The Spit. Looking back from where I came from… I think I’m going to like my new habits






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