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Cabarita Beach Morning Glory

Cabarita Beach Morning Glory

The Story Behind the Image: Cabarita Beach Morning Glory

Cabarita beach and its point is my favourite place on earth. The location, the point setup, the nature and the surf make it such a great place.

On this particular morning, I was travelling with friends to Byron Bay.

Checking the surf along the way from the Gold Coast, we arrived at Cabarita beach just before dawn.

The surf was small, so we just stopped to chill and watch the sunrise.

I took a bunch of shots at different angles.

This shot turned out to be my favourite from the shoot. The Pandanus tree’s silhouette and the point contrast to the light show in the sky, which reflects on the ocean and the breaking surf.

Still to this day, after travelling and shooting so many other locations, this has to be one of my favourite photos.

Photography Type: Landscape Photography
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