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Lake Tekapo

The Story Behind the Image: Lake Tekapo

My fingers felt like they were going to freeze and snap off taking this shot of Lake Tekapo.

Travelling with a group of friends, we on a snowboarding trip to New Zealand.

We were roadtripping from Methven to Wanaka. After driving for what felt like all day, we stopped at Lake Tekapo for a quick break.

I saw this shot driving into the car park, and I couldn’t wait to snap it. So I jumped out of the car when it came to a stop and ran out to this spot to shoot it before we moved on.

I didn’t think of the cold when getting out of the car; I was too excited. But, when I finally stopped running and got down to take the shot, that’s when bitter cold kicked in.

I struggled to get the polarizer on due to my fingers cramping up from the cold.

I quickly took a series of shots so I could get back to the car to get some warmer gear on.

I didn’t stop to look at the shot to make sure I had got it. I just felt it out and hoped I had gotten the shot I wanted.

It would be until weeks later when I was back in Australia, I got to see this shot in a larger view, and I was stoked (and relieved) that I got it.

It is still one of my favourite photos. Not just because of the beauty of the scenery, but the adventure that led up to and followed this shot.

Photography Type: Landscape Photography
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