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Tokyo Loop

The Story Behind the Image: Tokyo Loop

Home away from home – Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

It’s funny how life can work in circles. One of mine is ending back up in Ikebukuro.

It’s one of the main stops on the Yamanote line which loops Tokyo. It’s very crowded with a sea of people at any given time of the day crisscrossing each other’s paths.

It has loads of restaurants and bars, and lots of guitar and camera stores – which keep me entertained for hours.

In this photo is the train line that splits the city into two. On the left is the East-side, home of the famous Sunshine-60 building and more shops than all of Australia’s major cities combined (maybe).

Then there is the West side, on the right of the photo, aka the dark side to me. Anything and everything is okay there.

The mix between the two sides makes it a street photographers dream. It’s where I first started shooting, and I think it helped me develop the style I have.

At night especially, it lights up and adds a whole new character to the place.

It never sleeps and is always on the move.

Photography Type: Street Photography
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