The First Batch Handy Surf Craft Bodysurfing Handplanes

Finally, the first batch of Handy Surf Craft is done. It's been a journey to get here, but it feels great to reach the first set of bodysurfing handplanes completed.

It’s been a long time in the making.

Sooooo many mistakes made.

Many, many, many lessons learnt.

I can’t wait to try them out… FINALLY!

These boards are the first batch of 3 boards.

All are ‘The Yew’ shape – which is an adult all-rounder that will also come in other materials as well. (There will be a total of 5 shapes across 8 series if all goes to plan)

Multiple errors and defects in these two – for example, the second one is narrower due to cutting the shape of the board with a wood saw, and I ended up butchering the foam in the process. (Yeah, na, don’t trust everything you see on YouTube)

The next round of boards coming soon…

Below are some images from the build and the start of Handy Surf Craft.



The very beginning… The garage half pipe put away to start work on ‘The Yew’ v.1.0



Work in progress – Adding in the strap plugs. Soooo many things wrong in this picture. Soooo many lessons learnt just in this step alone.



The Yew v1.0 – Posca artwork on the backside of the board. Many defects in the glassing, so I resorted to ‘colouring it in’ to disguise all the errors.



No.3 and the sample board sock design.


More images, videos and blogs to come about Handy Surf Craft as the idea evolves.


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