Usher Cup Goodies

Thanks to Usher Cup for the bag of goodies, I am super stoked to see an arrangement of work I have created in print and wearable form. Pumped!

A huge thank you to Usher Cup for inviting us to the president’s dinner on Friday night and for the epic goodie bag.

I finally had a chance to open it this morning after launching the The Wave of a Lifetime last night at Komune in Coolangatta, and I’m super stoked to see an arrangement of work I helped create with We Build Ideas in print and wearable form.

From the Usher Group wordmark logo, the Usher Group Icon logo (I like to call it the evolution icon), the Wave of a Lifetime logo (WOAL), and the Usher Cup artwork we helped bring to life with the very talented Jase Harper.

Pumped on how these all look! Nice work.

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