What Is Texture in Photography

Texture in photography is such a broad subject. But what exactly is it?

Texture in photography – what is it?

Currently, I am shooting a video for my next photo in my 30 photo challenge.

In the video, I will be explaining where to find it and how to shoot it.

It’s based on everyday situations – from home to the park.

Researching for the video, I have realised how broad a subject this is in photography – from expressing in a photo how a subject feels to touch to adding grain to give it a texture.

Last night, while working through my 100+K of photos which I am re-editing, I came across this shot.

It was shot while driving 100 km/hour down a highway in Japan to a snowboarding event.

The speed at which we were travelling, mixed with the snowflakes whizzing by from the dumping snow against the backdrop of snow-covered trees, creates a natural texture I had failed to see until diving into the texture in photography.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but I love this shot.

Maybe the black and white make the texture pop, which I will discuss in my video.

It’s so simple yet naturally grainy.

That’s the great thing about photography; it is such a diverse art form that you can grow and evolve as a photographer constantly.

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