My goal is to help you thrive online.

Sharing what I know and learn.

I’m not here to be the next Guy Smiley or Barbie Doll of the online world promising to show you how to be rich and famous. The internet is full of those types, and I’m not one of them. I’ve been working in the online space or over 15 years – long before digital marketing became a thing, and I have watched it evolve in good and bad ways. 

It took me a long time to restart my blog. I first started it back in 2005. Work became a full-time thing as digital marketing evolved. The online noise that followed continued to grow, and I decided to step aside and focus my energy on learning, testing and building my skill set.

As I kick-off the new version of the blog, we are living through times that are tricky and difficult to navigate.

So I decided to reboot my blog to help others, by sharing what I know and what I learn going forward. 

I have the advantage as I do this for a living, and with that, I can test, try and evaluate different ideas, systems and products, so you don’t’ have too. That way, I can help you fast forward your processes so that you can start to help yourself, your loved ones and anyone else you are supporting.

That is my mission.
Damien Kloot

My Businesses

My current and upcoming businesses
We Build Ideas Logo

We Build Ideas is a Gold Coast web design studio delivering custom-built websites that make an impact.

Integral Watch Shop

Boutique watch shop offering great-looking mens, women’s and kids watches at an affordable price point.

The Digital Captain

Get your boat porn fix here.

Coming soon.

+ More to come soon!