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Web Design Portfolio


I love designing and building websites.

When writing this in 2022, I have spent almost two decades creating websites for various projects, from global brands to local businesses.

Like fashion, web design trends change from season to season. It’s a constantly evolving art form that requires continuous research and experimentation to keep up with the latest trends and keep visitors engaged.

Here you will find a range of sites I have worked on over the years.

My web design portfolio is filled with some of my favourite projects, from my latest works to ones that are now outdated but help show the evolution of website design.

Web Design & Development

A list of projects with a quick overview of who the project was for, a brief overview of the website’s specs and a quick overview of what was achieved.

The Tax Office


UX/UI design and website build for the launch of the Tax Office in Brisbane. The project included a ground-up UI design and WordPress development to provide visitors with an easy-to-navigate journey to making bookings online.

Cali Beach


Website reskin for Cali Beach. The reskin included a new split in venue options between the restaurant and beach club – this required UX research and a UI design to make navigating simple.



UX/UI design and website build for the relaunch of the GPO in Brisbane. In all, there are 4 websites in the build, including this splash page which leads to the 3 new venue websites.

Tempo Night Club

Website design and WordPress build for TEMPO nightclub on the Gold Coast. The design features animated colours, large scrolling text and flashing gifs to create a fun, exciting experience.

Cali Beach Rooftop Lodge

Website reskin for the Cali Beach winter, Rooftop Lodge website. The reskin include bringing in new brand elements to make the website inline with the fresh new winter look for the venue.

White Rhino Bar & Eats

Website redesign for White Rhino Bar & Eats in Surfers Paradise. The redesign included UX review and strategy as well as UI design and a full website rebuild.

QPT Services

As part of the rebranding and website renewal for QPT Services, a custom-built WordPress website was built to showcase their services and capabilities. The portfolio area was built using custom post types to allow the client to grow their showcase continually.

Circus in Education

Website redesign for Circus in Education. As the company had grown since the first website launch back in 2015, a rebuild to allow the further scale of their online presence was needed. CPTs for all of their offerings were created so that each one could be added, edited and deleted at ease, without any need to create new pages for each new show or incursion.

Eco-Essence Homes

Website renewal for Eco-Essence Homes with a custom-built WordPress website. The site was built to showcase their eco-homes range, their processes and their culture. The site’s backend was built using CPTs and a custom admin to allow the client an easy way of adding or editing homes and ranges, to name a few.

Usher Cup 2022

Website development of the event website for the Usher Cup surfing event at Snapper Rocks. In 2022 the addition of a live stream was added using Vimeo live. The event website included the latest news, videos and media – all driven by CPTs to make updating the content efficient and easy to maintain.
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Website Case Studies

Website design & development projects where I dive into the client’s goals, needs and aspirations and how I went about building out a framework and platform to meet those requirements and the results that followed.

The Handy Surf Craft website is now live. Version 1.0 is just a bare-bones website to kick off the online presence for the lineup of bodysurfing handplanes.
Recently, I was stoked to launch The Wave of a Lifetime. The project included branding and website build for Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison.