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Web Design Portfolio

I love designing and building websites.

When writing this in 2022, I have spent almost two decades creating websites for various projects, from global brands to local businesses.

Like fashion, web design trends change from season to season. It’s a constantly evolving art form that requires continuous research and experimentation to keep up with the latest trends and keep visitors engaged.

Here you will find a range of sites I have worked on over the years.

My web design portfolio is filled with some of my favourite projects, from my latest works to ones that are now outdated but help show the evolution of website design.

The Handy Surf Craft website is now live. Version 1.0 is just a bare-bones website to kick off the online presence for the lineup of bodysurfing handplanes.
Recently, I was stoked to launch The Wave of a Lifetime. The project included branding and website build for Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison.