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Welcome to my photography journal

Come along for the ride as I share my photography adventures through my photography journal category. From paid shoots to joining me on a road trip to chase that shot, I will document and share those journeys here.

The Story Behind the Image: Cabarita Beach Morning Glory is a landscape photography shot taken in July 2007 at sunrise.
It’s been a long time since I went on a photo mission. Old habits mixed with new habits led to searching for surfing banks by bike, and on the way shooting some snaps.
The Story Behind the Image: Gilston Farm is a black and white landscape photo taken out of a car window on Kodax T-Max film.
The Story Behind the Image: Ikebukuro Minimalism is a black and white photo I took on a Canon 630 with Kodak T-Max 400 film using a red filter.
The Story Behind the Image: Fine are photography shot of ‘The Light’. Shot on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand on the 26th of December 2005.
Photoshoot of bass guitar player Brook from Malakye Grind for his Aria Bass Guitars’ profile.
Texture in photography is such a broad subject. But what exactly is it?
Shot 3 of the 30 Photo Challenge was black & white photography. I chose to use the Canon 80D picture style settings for the shoot, using the monochrome style.
The Story Behind the Image: Fine art photography shot of my son at the beach in 2004. Shot on and iPhone 4 with no filters.
Shot 2 of the 30 Photo Challenge was a bokeh shot. I chose to try making DIY bokeh shapes for the shoot to share a fun and easy trick anyone can try at home.

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